We are surrounded by opportunity in the form of untapped computing power. FogCoin transforms our idle compute into a global marketplace.

Anyone can earn contributing to the decentralized, global network of computing power.

Earning & Benefits

Rent processing power out on your devices when you’re not using them, benefit from the speed and reliability of a distributed network when you are.

A Decentralized Network

Available compute is matched with services that require it: compute and currency flow between members of the network instead of solely to and from hosting providers.

A More Competitive Market

Diversity and abundance of hosting providers introduces competition into a market previously controlled by singular cloud providers.

ActiveAether is the patented technology enabling the FogCoin marketplace. Consumer demand drives services to be spun up on available hosts, initiating the transaction of FogCoin for processing power. When demand ceases, the transaction is complete and the Host’s resources become available again.

How it Works:

ActiveAether leverages available computing resources, enabling software services to be spun up on demand to available hosts based on their speed, availability, bandwidth, and scalability.

By consuming resources that span a continuum of on-site to cloud, ActiveAether can process data closer to where it is produced, reducing the time data spends traveling through a network, improving task throughput and response time, and reducing overall load on a network.

The FogCoin Token Sale

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Enabling a Global Market for Computing Power

The FogCoin whitepaper introduces our patented technology for deploying location-neutral web services, provides background on the sweeping infrastructural changes FogCoin addresses, and details potential market size for FogCoin’s global marketplace.

View the Whitepaper


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